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Spare parts for compressors


To maintain the performance of compressor equipment, quality spare parts are needed. Given this indisputable truth, we, over the period from 2004 to the present, have developed supply channels with many manufacturers of spare parts and materials that supply spare parts directly to the manufacturers of compressor equipment.

For our customers, spare parts for the compressor are always available, the list of more than 10,000 items in our warehouses in Dniepro and Kiev. We always keep such consumables in stock:

  • air filters;
  • oil filters;
  • air-oil separators;
  • compressor oil;
  • main filters and cartridges to them for replacement;
  • sets of stuffing boxes and bushings for screw unit (GHH-Rand, Rotorcomp, Tаmrotor);
  • sets for compressor valves (loading, minimum pressure, solenoid);
  • silica gel to refill adsorption dehumidifiers;
  • condensate-tappers, and many others.

Our service engineers have been trained at leading world producers of compressors. We can not only provide high-quality service and sale of spare parts, but also undertake the analysis of the causes (and their subsequent elimination) that led to the failure of units and parts of compressor equipment.

Please call us on: (0562) 31-12-94 and (044) 223-60-88

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