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Repair and restoration of air ends



An air end is known to be the most workable compressor part. Advanced bearing production technologies allow producers of air ends claim guaranteed service life of up to 40,000 hours. But, unfortunately, not every air end element may withstand the period claimed. Untimely maintenance or systematic application of cheap (deficient) consumables may often lead to accelerated bearing wear in 10,000 to 15,000 working hours. Considering high cost of a new air end it is reasonable to perform an overhaul.

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Two types of overhaul are distinguished depending on the air end condition:

  1. Simple (and cheap) from technology viewpoint is an overhaul with replacement of air end bearings and seals. Such an overhaul may be of scheduled preventive typ and may be held as soon as near-critical service life is reached.

In this case support bearings of rotor and reducer, a bushing and a gland seal are applied, lubrication ducts are cleaned, required clearances between rotors and air end housing are installed and the air end is assembled and painted.

  1. The case when the air end is seized is a more complex one. The damage level may vary depending on response rate of the compressor emergency protection and prompt response of operating personnel. In our practice we happened to face the cases when the reducer and air end housing were destroyed, male rotor shank broke and rotors twisted in case of the air end seizure. In such cases the number of operations, required to restore the air end, increases sharply. Mechanical treatment of rotor ridges and ends, rotor alignment and balancing, male rotor shank and air end housing restoration are as a rule required apart from simple replacement of bearing.

Since 2004 we have repaired over a hundred of air ends of various producers such as Tamrotor, GHH-Rand, Atlas-Copco, Rotorcomp.

Konstrack has its own maintenance area and equipment system, required for repair, which allows to perform the above operations without involvement of contactors. For the past years we gained unique experience, which, along with knowledge gained by our experts in the course of in-service training in the compressor producing factories, allows us to perform warrantable overhauls of air ends of any complexity.

It is as well necessary to draw attention to the air end being the component of the compressor plant, which requires to remove failure causes. Consumables must be replaced and a package of works in compressor servicing must be performed. Our staff experts perform complete package of works in diagnostics and removal of failure causes (whether it pertains to untimely servicing or equipment breakdown).

Over the years of operation time and again we made sure that the most beneficial option for compressor equipment operation by the customer is its timely maintenance with the use of qualitative consumables, which allows to maximize the equipment service life before overhaul.

If the air end of your compressor got out of order, we will perform qualitative repair in due term. Contact us!