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With frequency regulation


airpool-PRScrew compressors Airpol type PRM – stationary, one-stage screw compressors with performance regulation by changing frequency rotation drive engine.  Also, are equipped with sound hood and air coolant system. Low level of noise and vibration leads to mount compressor directly near working space or production area. Controlling system operated by microprocessor with Russian language.

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Technical characteristics of Airpol PRM

Type Performance, [m3/min] Motor power, [kW]
8 bar 10 bar 13 bar 15 bar
Airpol PRM4 0.67 0.5 0.33 0.17 4
Airpol PRM5 0.83 0.67 0.55 0.33 5.5
Airpol PRM7 1.13 0.95 0.78 0.58 7.5
Airpol PRM11 1.8 1.45 1.14 0.91 11
Airpol PRM15 2 1.6 1.41 15
Airpol PRM18 3.16 2.66 2.2 1.5 18.5
Airpol PRM22 3.66 3.16 2.7 1.17 22
Airpol PRM30 5.33 4.42 4.17 30
Airpol PRM37 6.42 5.42 4.67 37
Airpol PRM45 7.55 7 5.83 45
Airpol PRM55 9.92 8.5 7.5 55
Airpol PRM75 13.66 12.33 9.41 75
Airpol PRM90 16.25 13.66 11.41 90
Airpol PRM110 19.25 16.91 14.16 110
Airpol PRM132 23 20.58 16.58 132
Airpol PRM160 30 24.58 22.66 160
Airpol PRM200 34.66 31.08 26.16 200
Airpol PRM250 40 36 30 250
Airpol PRM315 49.83 41 35.33 315


Screw compressors Airpol PRM and Airpol NB PRM series with variable speed drive means 40% energy saved.


Why are necessary compressors with variable speed drive:

  • Energy economy
  • Environment improvement
  • Low noise level
  • Decreased oil consumption and lower consistence of oil in compressed air
  • Constant set pressure in compressed air system.
  • Decreased capacity of air receivers
  • Smooth engine start up without mechanical threats
  • Reduced current surge
  • Decrease of pressure pulsation compressed air
  • Smooth regulation of rotation electro engine
  • Regulation of performance and load from 50 to 100%
  • Great increase of resource and reliability. Mechanical parts work smooth and at low rotations
  • a high level of power factor (cosφ)- kept irrespective of motor load
  • Direct drive in Airpol NB PRM compressors
  • Increased reliability of screw chamber – term of capital repair from 30.000 to 50.000
  • Low level of noise and vibration leads to mount compressor directly near working space or production area
  • high-quality workmanship has been confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate
  • Only high-quality European part are used
  • Reliable and elaborate construction
  • Lower costs of operation due to decreased energy consumption and low work time of compressor in general
  • Easy to operate and service.
  • Unique usage – machinery industry, food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Non-stop protection and scanning all arguments by applying modern microprocessor control unit.

Screw compressors Airpol PR and NB PRM with frequency convertor.

Performance of types like PR and NB PRM is set by consumer’s requirement in conditions of settings.

The figure shows usage of two compressors. First one with standard regulation system load/unload and other one with frequency convertor which is distinctly working at short-term changes of compressed air.

Most effective way of regulating is managing of compressor’s performance due to changing frequency rotation drive electro engine. The main advantages in compare with traditional controlling systems are better energy efficiency and maintaining constant set pressure value in the compressed air system.

The figure shows characteristics of two types compressors. Red means standard regulating system like load/unload and green with frequency converter. Energy consumption of two different compressors and energy efficiency are shown on the figure with the same load of consumers.

Airpol compressors are assembled in the factory in Poznan of assemblies and other components of leading European producers. Airpol is the leading Polish producer of reciprocal and screw-type compressors and other equipment. The factory offers its long-term experience and regularly renews its production fleet. For 45 years of its history Airpol elaborated its own rule for success – and it represented with high production standards, strict quality control and use of components of the European producers (Rotorcomp, GHH-Rand, Schneider Electric, Siemens etc.).

Airpol is represented in Ukraine through its authorized distributor – Konstrack LLC, which has a well-developed service and repair network. All the works are performed by highly qualified employees of the company.