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Stand-alone(autonomous) compressor stations


Airpol Company puts your attention to autonomous compressor stations based on insulated shipping container. It is possible to place different compressor equipment by customer’s request in it. Also, autonomous compressor stations can be optionally equipped with weathering hood, lights, heating, security system and venting. Compressor stations can be equipped by Airpol compressors, boosters, air purification system by demand or gas separation system for nitrogen or oxygen.

Stand-alone compressor stations are ready to operate. To start working process it’s necessary to mount it on round place, add electricity and connect to compressed air line.

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Advantages of Airpol compressor stations:

  • It’s autonomous and mobile
  • There is possibility to mount it outside anywhere all the year round.
  • There is no demand to build compressor workshop, and project works.

Electrical compressors are chipper as well comparing to diesel compressors. Also, operating costs are much lower than mobile diesel compressors.


Airpol compressors are assembled in the factory in Poznan of assemblies and other components of leading European producers. Airpol is the leading Polish producer of reciprocal and screw-type compressors and other equipment. The factory offers its long-term experience and regularly renews its production fleet. For 45 years of its history Airpol elaborated its own rule for success – and it represented with high production standards, strict quality control and use of components of the European producers (Rotorcomp, GHH-Rand, Schneider Electric, Siemens etc.).

Airpol is represented in Ukraine through its authorized distributor – Konstrack LLC, which has a well-developed service and repair network. All the works are performed by highly qualified employees of the company.