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Rotary blowers Airpol®

 Rotary blowers are mechanisms with rotating three-blade rotors, which are used mainly for pneumatic transport. The gas is compressed between the rotors and the housing of the equipment. The drive shaft, on which one of the rotors is located, drives the shaft of the other rotor by means of a gear drive. Thus, the operation of both rotors is synchronized. Rotors do not touch each other and the housing during operation. Compression occurs due to the very small distances between the rotors and between the rotors and the housing.

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Provide a pressure from 0.2 to 1 bar(G), output from 2 to 500 m3/min.

Package includes:

  • three-blade rotary element ROBUSCHI (Italy) with SKF bearings (service life 100,000 hours);
  • SIEMENS IP55 electric motor;
  • frequency drive of output control;
  • microprocessor control unit in Russian;
  • vibro-supports;
  • inlet and outlet muffler;
  • Inlet air filter;
  • filter clogging indicator;
  • combined starting and safety valve;
  • outlet flange with compensator;
  • outlet check valve;
  • casing of gear protection;
  • direct gear or belt drive;
  • pressure-gauge.

Additional options:

  • noise-proof casing with forced ventilation;
  • system for remote monitoring and control.

The design of the blower:

  • The inlet muffler. Due to the possibility of an individual approach, patented solution to this problem allows a significant reduction of the noise produced by the running blower. Here, the phenomenon of interference of sound waves is used, as well as equipment absorbing sounds with a frequency above 500 Hz.
  • The outlet muffler. The outlet muffler consists of a resonant chamber, which muffles frequencies above 500 Hz, connected to equipment, reducing noise by interference of sound waves. The outlet muffler is designed to minimize pressure losses of the gas transported. The muffler housing is the part of the frame, common to the blower and motor.
  • Drive. Direct drive with clutch or belt drive.
  • Electric motor. Three 3-phase asynchronous motors SIEMENS IP55, type B3, IEC, with a minimum IP 55 protection are used.
  • Safety valve. It restricts the excess pressure during operation of the blower.
  • Check valve. Protects the blower from the reverse after stopping (reverse unwinding), with excess pressure in the discharge pipeline. The valve is metal, covered with rubber, resistant to high temperatures. The valve design guarantees the free flow of gas when fully open, a small pressure loss and the lack of knocks at low pressure.
  • Bearings. Used SKF bearings guarantee at least 100,000 hours of operation at full load.
  • Gear. The single-helical gear mechanism guarantees a long time trouble-free operation.
  • Seals. Labyrinth seals of shafts, together with oil reflectors, protect the transported gas from contamination with lubricating oil. Excess pressure of gas inside the compression chamber ensures the absence of oil in the compressed gas. A sealing ring is used at the output of the starting shaft.
  • Lubricant. Bearings and gear are lubricated by the method of spraying, using lubricating discs located on the shafts.
  • Cooling. With an output temperature of transported gas below 150°C, blowers and lubricating oil are cooled by natural convection.
  • Rotary unit (compressor stage) RBS from ROBUSCHI (Italy). This is a new type of compressor stage, with three toothed rotors – rotary pistons, which are designed to eliminate pressures of transported gas below 2% of operating pressure. Special shafts of rotors allow operating at higher pressures and increased speed. Reinforced bearings, located near the rotors, are used to increase the life length of the rotary unit.

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