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Railway compressors


Airpol SK series compressors are intended for operation as a part of rolling equipment of railway transport. The feature of this series is a preparation for the smooth operation in the severe conditions. To ensure efficiency in the working temperature range from -30ºC to + 50ºC, the compressors are equipped with an oil preheating system, heated condensate tappers, as well as high output and no load operation to improve cooling efficiency. SK7 and SK11 compressors besides equipped with summer/winter operation switches and compressed air purification systems based on the adsorption dehumidifier with a set of filters that allows obtaining compressed air purity class 1.2.1 in accordance with PN-ISO 8573-3:2001.

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, Airpol SK screw compressors provide high quality compressed air and trouble-free operation, both in summer and winter.

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You can contact us by phones specified in the “contact us” section or filling out an online form. We also can offer compressors for mines in explosion-proof design.

Model Max. discharge pressure [MPa] Output [m3/h] Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] Nominal rating power of the electric motor [kW]
Airpol SK 7/II 1.0 50 1740 x 620 x 700 7,5 or 9,0
Airpol SK 11 1.0 84 1740 x 620 x 700 11
Airpol SK 18 1.0 140 1285 x 742 x 833 18,5
Airpol SK 30 1.0 288 1590 x 840 x 1355 30