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Compressors of high pressure (boosters) to 5 m3 / min, 25-40 bar


Boosters of ADP series – Piston oil-filled squeezing compressors that provide сompressed air consumption from 90 to 300 m3 per hour, the engine power is from 7.5 to 22 kW. The maximum pressure at the outlet is 25 or 40 bar. The main purpose of such compressors is to provide compressed air lines from blowing PET containers, and they can be used to start large diesel engine generators or to check the tightness of all equipment and vessels working under the pressure.
Boosters of ADP series are used for the continuous operation in industrial conditions.
Boosters of ADP series are is single-stage double cylinder piston compressors with V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, cooling air, compressors are installed at the amortized frame, boosters ADP 300-150 are additionally equipped with a 150-liter air collector.

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These compressors squeeze air coming from the screw compressor with a pressure of 7-10 bar to the maximal pressure 25 or 40 bar depending on the model.
Boosters are equipped with the control case which provides protection and control of the compressor work, operating mode is fully automatic. All necessary protection is provided, including the low input pressure, protection is for low oil pressure and excess pressure at the output. The start of the drive motor is made by using the starter star/triangle. The drive is a belt drive.
In addition it canbe installedincontrol case for the joint workof severalboosters(up to 8units).

For further purification of the compressed air we offer to use dryers and filters for high pressure.

Specifications of boosters Airpol® ADP:


Productivity (m3/min), input pressure 7-10 bar.

Motor capacity, [kW]
25 bar 30 bar 40 bar
Airpol ADP300-150 the air receiver – 150 1.67/2.33 1.55/2.17 7.5
Airpol ADP360 2.33/3 18.5
Airpol ADP720/2,5 3.7/5 18.5
Airpol ADP720/4,0 3.7/5 22

Airpol compressors are assembled in the factory in Poznan of assemblies and other components of leading European producers. Airpol is the leading Polish producer of reciprocal and screw-type compressors and other equipment. The factory offers its long-term experience and regularly renews its production fleet. For 45 years of its history Airpol elaborated its own rule for success – and it represented with high production standards, strict quality control and use of components of the European producers (Rotorcomp, GHH-Rand, Schneider Electric, Siemens etc.).

Airpol is represented in Ukraine through its authorized distributor – Konstrack LLC, which has a well-developed service and repair network. All the works are performed by highly qualified employees of the company.