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Airpol compressors

Air screw compressor today is undoubtedly the most common type of equipment for the compressed air production. The air compression machine design in the form of two rotors was first patented in 1934. The advantage of this kind of compression compared to the common piston compressors has become the absence of valves and the unbalanced mechanical forces in the design of the screw unit, that helped to increase the frequency of rotation of the shafts and, as a consequence the output of the whole machine in general, at relatively small dimensions.

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In the scope of screw compressors supply, our company cooperates with the leading Polish plant Airpol manufacturing the compressor equipment. Over its 45-year history of production, Airpol has gone from a small producer to a regional leader company. Airpol is the only Polish manufacturer of screw pairs, which along with the use of special electric motors allows achieving high output of the produced equipment. For its compressors Airpol uses the components of the best European manufacturers.

Standard range of produced machines consists of the following species:

  • Compressors mounted on the receiver. These machines have relatively small power from 3 up to 15 kW and output from 0.25 to 2.5 m3/min. They fit productions with a low demand for compressed air (car service stations, metal processing shops, a small repair business). Given the availability of the receiver and the air preparation system (option), they are ready to operate the machine for the production of compressed air. This range of products of Airpol is featured in the availability of versions that can provide compressed air pressure of 15 bar, which is a necessary condition in some technological cycles (production of compressed air for the production of PET packaging, plasma cutting). Thus there is no need to use devices that increase the operating pressure. The supply package includes compressor with control system, receiver, dehumidifier with main filters (option).
  • Screw air compressor stationary. Such machines can be found in almost any company using compressed air. The installation of such machines in a noise absorbing housing allows the installation of such compressors directly in the operating space. The power of such compressors ranges from 4 to 315 kW. Industrial air compressor from 4 to 55 kW can be made with a belt drive screw element, thus reducing the cost of the entire station. Devices with an electric motor power from 30 to 315 kW are designed on a direct drive, which avoids additional radial loads on the drive shaft of the screw unit, which adversely affect its durability. The entire range of machines provides the ability to install built-in air preparation systems and frequency converters, which allows achieving significant energy savings and the required purity class of compressed air.
  • Oil-free compressors. These machines stand apart in the general list as produce clean, oil free compressed air. For the production of clean compressed air company Airpol applies screw pair with stainless rotors without oil access to the compression chamber. The main areas of application of such machines are the food and chemical industries.
  • Modular compressor stations. In the case where the customer does not have space to place the compressor unit in close proximity to the consumer of compressed air, or a consumer is outdoors, you can place the compressor station in any configuration (with direct/belt drive, air preparation system, receiver, frequency converter, heating and ventilation system) inside a standard module, providing protection from adverse environmental factors.
    To buy an air compressor or get advice on the selection of equipment, contact us by the phone numbers listed in the “contact us” section or fill in the online form above. We also supply the high-pressure compressor Atelier François.