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Cyclonic dust separators

Cyclone filter type ЦН (CN)

Cyclones are the most common type of dust collectors in industrial aspiration systems.

The widespread use of cyclones is due to the simplicity of their design, reliability in operation, comparatively low cost of production and operation. They can be used to purify gas at high temperatures and pressures. They do not have moving parts, which increases the reliability of operation.

The principle of their operation is based on the use of the centrifugal forces generated by the rotation of the air flow in the housing of the unit. As a result of centrifugal forces, dust particles are discarded to the inner surfaces of the housing and fall out of the flow. The purified gas continues to move, rotates 180 degrees and leaves the cyclone through the outlet branch pipe placed in the housing.

With the same efficiency, the highest technical and economic indicators are of the cyclone type ЦН-11(CN-11). Cyclones of the ЦН-15 (CN-15) type differ in smaller dimensions, greater stability of operation for dust, prone to sticking, so their operation is justified for gas purification with a high concentration of fine dust and when trapping medium-sticking dust.

Diameter, mm Capacity, m3/h Diameter, mm Capacity, m3/h Diameter, mm Capacity, m3/h
400 840-1,540 710 2,660-4,850 1,250 8,360-15,200
450 1,070-1,950 800 3,370-6,150 1,400 10,640-19,400
500 1,320-2,400 900 4,290-7,800 1,600 13,480-24,600
560 1,650-3,000 1,000 4,880-8,880 1,800 17,160-31,200
630 2,090-3,800 1,120 6,600-12,000 2,000 19,520-35,520