Purification of flue gases in energy industry 2018-06-27T11:44:42+00:00

Specialized filters for flue gas purification in power industry.


Filters of FRA-С series are primarily intended for purification of ash flying particles, emitted to atmosphere with flue gases at combustion of solid fuel (coal, biofuel)in furnaces of operating industrial and public boiler units.

Cyclofilters are designed and adjusted to operation conditions at environment temperature of up to 260°С.

Peculiarity of these plants is that their cylindrical case, vertical position of filtration bags and their regeneration with compressed air.

The advantage of cyclofilter lies in two-stage purification, as the apparatus presents a hybrid of cyclone and bag filter.

The structure of cyclofilter includes a “pure air” filtration chamber, conical hopper and filtration bag regeneration system. The filtration chamber is assembled of several cylinder parts, in which the bags of circular section are placed vertically. Ash-laden flue gases are supplied tangentially in the lower broader part.

Flue gases may be let out of the “pure air” chamber at any angle to their inlet.

Operation principle

Flue gases are supplied to the filtration chamber.

In cyclofilters gases are supplied to the cyclone part, where the ash particles are rejected to the case wall and discharged in the storage due to centrifugal force, developed at the flow progressive rotation.

Smaller particles deposit on the filtration bag outer surface and are removed with short impulses of compressed air, which is supplied to inner bag cavity through Venturi nozzle from the holes of blowing tubes.

PPS, PI or PTFE bags may be applied depending on the flue gases temperature. The frames are coated against corrosion or produced of stainless steel.