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Filters with pulse regeneration and vertical sleeves

In such type of filers, sleeves are placed horizontal with circular section and length to 6 meters. This type of placement leads possibilities to operate most efficient pulse regeneration by compressed air. Also, it’s more convenient in service and commissioning comparing to horizontal sleeves.

Such types of filters are very reliable and easy operating, and could serve long term without special service works.



Principles of operating

The contaminated air enters from hopper inlet by the strong speed decrease, largest particles drop firstly. After, gases fall dawn through filtering sleeves and remove from filter.

Cleaning process of the system foresees the intake, inside an entire row of bags, of a rapid compressed air jet for a variable time period regulated through automatic system. The jet provokes a pressure wave which transmits up to the bottom of every bag very quickly.

The wave shakes the filtering material, thus provoking the crushing of the accumulated powder layer and its fall into a collection hopper situated below. Because of the short duration impulse, the compressed air quantity which is used is very small compared to the one which is present in the entire construction. Therefore it is not necessary to stop the inflow into the contaminated air system.

Bag filters are produced in a way of separate blocks which after delivering mount in single filter. The process of replacement of the filtering sleeves implemented from purified air side, after removing the purge tubes.

Construction of bag filter:

  • Filtering chamber
  • Purified air chamber
  • Hopper
  • Discharged hopper
  • Housing
  • Regeneration system
  • Ladder with platform for service works