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Filters with pulse regeneration and horizontal sleeves


gorizontThe main feature of this type of filter is horizontal placement of filtering elements. They produced in plane form of sleeves, and such design leads to produce much more compact construction.  Another advantage is possibility to mount it in functioning manufacturing process. It is very actually when there are restrictions in dimension for mount place. To service and change sleeves there is service platform side.

In general construction of elements in filters with horizontal sleeves is the same as filters with vertical sleeves, but their relative position and flows of dust differ inside.

In filters with horizontal sleeves dust flow goes from the top to the bottom. The pulse of compressed air shakes the filtering material, thus provoking the crushing of the accumulated dust layer. So, the dust flows faster into the collection hopper and don’t accumulate on other sleeves.

However, there is restriction in dimensions of the sleeves because of their form. The decreasing speed of the compressed air jets with plane filters is higher comparing to round sleeves. As a rule, the length of the plane horizontal sleeves doesn’t exceed 2m, but the vertical round sleeves can exceed up to 6m.

We recommend to operate with bag filters with horizontal sleeves in cases when it’s necessary to mount aspiration system in restricted dimensions of mount place.

Performance could be around 20000-30000 m3/h. In other cases, we recommend to use filters with vertical sleeves to reach more purification efficiency, reliability and convenience in mount works and service.