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Bag filters

When starting the design of the aspiration system, the choice of design and type of bag filter are based on the following principles: we should be guided by Customer requirements, the filter bag is an auxiliary in the technological cycle of the enterprise, which should be adapted and convenient for operation of the main process line of the Customer, and not Vice versa. At the same time, dust cleaning is an important element of the modern enterprise, given the current ecological standards in Ukraine.

The task of dust cleaning can be solved in various ways, using different versions of the device design. For example, Bag filter KonsTrack can be manufactured with different overall dimensions for the same output (filtration area), depending on the customer’s requirements, installation and operation conditions.

In most cases, our company will be able to select (or develop) the design of the bag filter, given the size and limitations of the existing space for the installation of the filter.

  • By the method of supplying the aspiration air for dedusting, bag filters are divided to working under vacuum and pressure. The application of the filter to operate under excessive pressure (the head pressure) must be agreed at the stage of technical specifications.
  • According to the design of the housing, the filters are divided into rectangular ones, consisting of one and several sections and round ones. Round style of the housing (cycle filters) is usually used to operate the device under high vacuum.

Filters placed outdoors, as a rule, should be equipped with a tent (shelter, canopy). Battery life and the efficiency of bag filters is ensured by regeneration system of filter elements. The most reliable and efficient regeneration system of filter elements is pulse regeneration.For the operation of the regeneration system, the necessary requirement is to supply compressed air with a pressure of 0.5-0.7 MPa, properly cleaned and drained. More information about the equipment for the production of compressed air and its cleaning you can read here.

During the selection of the aspiration unit on the basis of a bag filter, the type of filter material, the parameters of filtration and regeneration are individually determined, depending on the technological features of the production cycle and the characteristics of the emission source. The service life of the filter bags in bag filters is 2-3 years on average and in some cases can reach 5 or more years of effective work. Timely replacement of the filter bags, revision, and, if necessary, replacement of a pulsed solenoid valve of the regeneration system is a guarantee of the bag filter effective operation, and the emergence of a more modern filter fabrics allows to ensure the relevance of the bag filter, while reducing environmental regulations on the residual dust content in the future.

Air cleaning at the workplace is carried out using the basic types of KonsTrack TM filtering equipment:

  • Filters with impulse regeneration and vertical filter bags. Reliable and low-maintenance equipment that operates fully automatically. Ideal for use in cement, glass, coke and other industries. Refer to the filters “dry cleaning method”, which are more stable and efficient compared to electrostatic precipitators, and equipment “wet cleaning”.
  • Filters with impulse regeneration and horizontal filter bags. The principle of filter operation is similar to the filters with vertical bags. Design feature: the filtering elements are arranged horizontally and are made in the form of flat filter bags, due to this such devices have considerably smaller dimensions. Suitable for use in limited space for installation and operation.
  • Filter with pulse regeneration of cartridge type. Compact and space-saving filter in which a so-called Cartridge is used as a filter element, filter element with advanced filtering surface. It is used to perform specialized tasks for cleaning local emission sources with low input dust.
  • Specialized filter for flue gas cleaning in energetic industry. High temperature filters. The main task of such filters is to clean out the volatile ash particles emitted into the atmosphere, which are formed as a result of the solid fuel combustion. These units can have a cylindrical housing, the arrangement of bag filters in them is vertical, regeneration is carried out with the help of compressed air. Such filters operate at temperatures up to +260C. One of the variations is the so-called cyclone filter which is a symbiosis of a cyclone and a bag filter.

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